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I am a hopeless Guild Wars fangirl. I have played this MMO (or “CORPG”) quite faithfully for nearly 5(!) years now, and logging on still gives me a sense of contentment and glee. I fell in love with the graphics of Pre-Searing Ascalon and have not fallen out of love with the look and feel of the game ever since. (Well, maybe not all of the game’s areas… but still.)

I was even geek enough to start on a Guild Wars fan blog, but quickly abandoned that concept when I realised that it was really a little too much squee and a little too little… well, blog. I suppose that’s my inner fangirl dying for attention. Out of the various posts I made on it, maybe 2 were actually worth reading, so maybe it is better left forgotten.

So one might wonder where I’m going with this, nearly 5 years after Guild Wars was first released and having already stated that my blog of fangirlism is resting in peace somewhere in the murky depths of the internet… Guild Wars 2, of course!

As a hopeless fangirl I may be vaguely sensitive to over-excitement, but this article has my inner squee going wild.

Guild Wars 2 was first announced in 2007, several months before Guild Wars’ next campaign was expected to come out. The next campaign was “downgraded” to an expansion (not the same as a campaign, and never the twain shall meet?) in favour of developing this completely new game, and suddenly Eye of the North was the final major addition to what I think deserves to be called an MMO legend.

It’s 2010 now and the wait has been long and a little agonising, and I won’t dig up the angst concerning ANet’s decision to announce the game so early on (but I do have buckets of mud ready, in case people feel the need to discuss it again here), but I think it’s safe to say that it’s a highly anticipated game, and I for one am really looking forward to it.

I am in love with the artwork, I think the teaser trailers look great, and I’m looking forward to exploring the range of the game’s lore- if it’s anything like its predecessor, then Guild Wars 2 will have a lot to offer.

Then again, I was dense enough not to realise that Rata Sum can be rearranged to spell the word Mursaat… someone needed to point this out to me! So maybe I’m not the most observant fangirl out there. Or did I just open your eyes for you? :)


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